Famous Cheerleaders, from the Duhs to the Unexpecteds

Famous Cheerleaders

A friend sent me this slideshow of famous folks who were once cheerleaders. There were a few on here I had no idea about. But since they also missed a few good ones, here is a comprehensive list of former cheerleaders who now run (or at least entertain) the world.

The Presidents: George W. Bush (Andover, Yale), George Bush Sr. (Yale), Ronald Reagan (Eureka College), Dwight Eisenhower (West Point), Franklin D. Roosevelt (Harvard)

The Celebs You Could Have Guessed: Katie Couric (University of Virginia), Madonna (University of Michigan), Paula Abdul (Los Angeles Lakers), Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Calista Flockhart, Ann Margret, Jamie Lee Curtis, Halle Berry (Bedford High), Sandra Bullock (Washington Lee High), Mandy Moore, Cameron Diaz (Long Beach Polytechnic), Meryl Streep (Bernard High), Natalie Maines, Alicia Silverstone, Sally Field, Reba McEntire, Kelly Ripa

The Ones Who’ll Surprise You: Samuel L. Jackson (Morehouse College), Ruth Bader Ginsberg (James Madison High), Michael Douglas, Gloria Steinem, Steve Martin, Aaron Spelling (Southern Methodist University)

Read much more about CHEER! here.


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